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Nic Meier

21 Dec 2011


Performance Tutor

» Swiss guitarist Nicolas, now based in London, has toured in Switzerland, Italy and France, having played with such illustrious artists such as; saxophonist Bill Evans, Gilad Atzmon, Dave O’Higgins, pianist Thierry Lang, trumpeter Matthieu Michel, guitarist John Etheridge and drummer Asaf Sirkis. Nic is also currently part of Jeff Beck‘s touring and recording band.

Nic’s playing style draws on a number of influences – Jazz, Flamenco, Latin and Middle-Eastern music. He has worked on diverse projects including; the Modern Guitar Orchestra (featuring Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons) for the American classical label Centaur and in a Metal band called Seven. Nicolas has a rare talent in that he is able to play both metal and jazz and has written books on both; ‘Heavy Metal part I, Rhythm Guitar’ and ‘Jazz part I, Chord Tones’. Nic also endorses Godin Guitars. See more of Nic at ACM on our guitar courses.

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