Mike Dunn

02 Feb 2015

Senior Lecturer

Mike has been a professional musician for more than 25 years, and has enjoyed a successful and varied freelance career across North and South America, as well as Europe.

Mike has acquired vast experience in the areas of live performance and composition, primarily on electric and acoustic bass, as well as musical director. Mike’s musical career has entailed working with a wide variety of artists across many genres from Jazz, Acid-Jazz, Drum ‘n’ Bass, to Pop Music, Folk and well known Musicals.

Mike has been a part of the ACM team since 2007, and counts his subject specialist areas as Improvisation, Bass Technical Studies, Music Theory, Composition, Sight Reading and Ear Training. Mike has been a part of the U.K. Music Education Sector since 2004, in various roles including tutor, administrator, programme manager, author, programme designer, and educational lead, and has gained extensive experience in both Higher Education and Further Education.

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