Jono McNeil - Tutor - ACM Music College

Jono McNeil

06 Feb 2013


Performance Tutor

Jono McNeil began his music career in the Australian music scene, performing both as a session vocalist and original artist. He hails from the renowned Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a degree in jazz and a post grad in contemporary music. From there he worked as a vocalist for award winning jazz big bands, funk/soul bands, pop bands, drum ‘n’ bass collectives, house acts, and art orchestras, and has sung with a variety of exciting artists including Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Nelly, Lemar, George Ezra and Jocelyn Brown to name a few. He also has several original releases as an artist in his own right.

Along with managing a demanding schedule heading up vocal studies at ACM and coaching private clientele, Jono also provides coaching services for touring acts, as well as presenting workshops and masterclasses for a variety of occasions, including the British Voice Association and the Voice Council, and has worked as a vocal coach for 3 seasons of BBC’s hit program, The Voice.

Jono brings his extensive experience on stage, in combination with a passionate understanding of vocal function, to provide a relevant and truly inspiration coaching experience for contemporary singers. He combines a unique compliment of skills to provide a well blended approach to maximise the possibilities of the voice. Jono adapts a holistic approach, with a deep focus on sustainable vocal technique, contemporary vocal styling, and dynamic performance skills.

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