Antonia Anastasi - Tutor - ACM Music College

Antonia Anastasi

16 May 2017

antonia-1-200x300  Performance tutor Antonia Anastasi is a singer/songwriter with over fifteen years of experience in the music industry. As a vocal coach, Antonia works with a wide range of ages and performers using vocal science and confidence techniques to enable students to become accomplished artists in the industry.
Collaborating with performers and producers from across the UK, she is anexperienced song writer, predominately working in the country music field. As a vocalist and pianist,

Antonia has been teaching vocals, piano and music theory for many years, encouraging students to write their own music and develop into their own unique performers.


She has worked in various recording studios across the South of England with extensive experience of over ten years as a music engineer and producer. This includes Live sound production for artists including Wiz Khalifa and Scholars.

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