Abel Quintana

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Mike & The Mechanics, Abbey Road Institute, Air Studios, Metropolis Studios, Big Smoke


Abel Quintana started working in music 10 years ago in Cadiz, Spain. After finishing his diploma in Live Sound and Radio he started working as a live sound engineer and recording live bands when he decided to come to the UK and continue his studies at ACM in 2013. In 2016 Abel started working with Mike and the Mechanics at the legendary studio of the band Genesis, The Farm, where he assisted in the production of the Album ‘Let Me Fly’. He also recorded at Metropolis (The Llamas), Air Studios (Kyko) and Abbey Road Institute (Lost in Venice) and other studios such as Big Smoke Studios and Burghfield Studios. Abel also collaborated with Eagle 3 Radio in Surrey, recording live performances of artists such as: Mystery Jets, The Drifters, Lauren Aquilina, BB Diamond, Secret Company among others. During these years Abel developed professional skills in studio, recording, mixing, mastering and producing for other bands and artists. After graduating from ACM (BA Hons Contemporary Music Production) he studied a Masters (MMus Creative Practice and Composition) at the University of Surrey where he studied orchestration and alternative ways of performing and teaching music. Since then he composed several pieces for production companies in Mexico and Spain and collaborated with other musicians and companies. Simultaneously with his Masters he started experimenting with video game engines such as Unreal Engine creating virtual spaces where the listener could experience music in 3D while walking inside the instrument. Currently he is developing his own production brand, Tsobu, which englobes electronic pop and indie music with touches of experimental and cinematic music and collaborates with other music projects.

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Music Production & Creative Sound Engineering (CMP) Electronic Music Production & Creative Sound Design (EMP)

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