Dave Cronen

30 Jun 2017


Business Link Ambassador

Dave Cronen has worked across all areas of the music industry since 1984, first for others like Virgin Records and Rough Trade, before setting up his own company, Trust Management, where he now manages a whole roster of award winning artists.

As part of ACM’s commitment to its students’ academic, personal and professional development, he works alongside his Industry Link colleagues and uses all of his 33 years of industry experience to help our students take their first steps into the world of work.

He is constantly drawing from his network of top-tier contacts to bring the very best people and opportunities into ACM.

For Music Business students, he uses his network to provide business related internship and work opportunities, but here at ACM, we believe that students of all disciplines should have a working knowledge of the industry.

He therefore works with ACM’s Music Business course leaders to curate a regular Masterclass series called the Music Industry Bootcamp, designed to provide knowledge that can be practically applied to better equip students for a career in music, whatever their area of study.  Through the Music Industry Bootcamp sessions, musicians, producers, songwriters, technical services and other students can learn about contracts, royalty administration, company formation, accounting and many other topics important for anyone wanting to enjoy a life-long career in the music industry.

Trust Management was established by Dave Cronen in 2003 who had previously worked in various areas of the music industry since 1984 including; retail (Virgin Records), distribution (Rough Trade – sales manager/director, RTM – (sales manager/director), labels (MasterCuts, Grand Royal), International (PIAS, ArtistDirect/iMusic). Trust was started after Cronen had worked for Beastie Boys/Grand Royal on the advice of Mike D. Since then they have worked on a solid roster of talent including Ivor Novello Award winners. Their current roster includes Blanck Mass, Hooded Fang, Highlights of Our Modern World, and We Are Scientists.

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