David Sharrock

08 Apr 2019

Game Development Tutor

David has been working in the Games Industry as a designer and producer since 2002, including 9 years at Sony’s London Studio. He graduated from Aston University with a BSc in Computer Science and was delighted to find that his lifetime passion for games and gameplay systems opened up the possibility for a vastly rewarding career.

He has worked in teams making games in genres as diverse as Football, Driving, Grand Strategy and Competitive Karaoke and alongside brand partners such as Motown, Universal and 2000AD.

At ACM he specialises in game design, alternative controllers and the broader, project- based skills that future developers will need to be an asset within modern, fast-paced Game Development teams.

“There are no bad ideas, only good ideas that haven’t been refined yet. Be brave and create a first version. Then iterate upon the results to find the gold within.”

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