Career credits

Produced 3D assets for the Game title ‘Tracks The Train Set Game’
Play tested ‘Crayta’ for Unit 2 Games and Strange Brigade for Rebellion


My name is Bwinji Shamutete.

I was born and raised in Zambia where I completed my GCSEs. I decided I wanted to complete my tertiary education in the Uk. This is due to having a passion for Video games growing up and I was intrigued by what went into their development, especially in the artist side of it.

Sadly there are no games companies in Zambia, so I came to the Uk where I studies Games Art and Design and completed with a BA Honors.

My skill sets include 3D modelling and sculpting, animation, 2D traditional as well as 2D digital art and I specialise in 3D character art.

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Guildford, London

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Game Development Tutors

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