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Published by Jessica Kingsley, Approaches and BJMT, and presented at BAMT conferences & Supervision Symposium.


Maria Radoje is an experienced Music therapist with a special interest in Guided Imagery and Music, a type of music psychotherapy that uncovers unconscious processes, which she uses in working with performers by exploring the person’s relationship with their instrument or chosen medium of expression, encouraging relaxation skills, and challenging unhealthy thought processes. Maria has over 20 years experience working with trauma, depression and anxiety, and people experiencing acute phases of mental illness, as well as in the recovery phase. She also has expertise in working with people with dementia and those with physical disabilities, and has helped clients manage alcohol misuse, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma.

She trained in music performance at the Royal Academy of Music (cello) and has worked as a freelance musician, teacher and composer.

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Guildford, London and Birmingham

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Elective Module Leader

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