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Ngaire Osborne started writing for the underground cultural press in the late 80’s for Buzz magazine, a rag which spawned a Nirvana press officer, an editor of an awarding winning dance magazine, and a generous pinch of photographers and writers who gravitated towards the National music press of the 90’s, New Musical Express and Melody Maker.

As a weekly writer for the Melody Maker (1989- 2000) both as Ngaire, and Ngaire Ruth, she brought P J Harvey, Blur and Seal to the table – among many others; saw Nirvana third of the bill in a tiny pub venue in Shepherd’s Bush embraced the Riot Grrrl phenomena. She moved into online journalism as a section editor in 2011- 2015 for the girls are, a magazine with feminism at its root, and helped build a successful site that took music journalism forward. She moved into academia five years ago, combining her teaching skills (PGCE) with her professional specialism’s music, media, and feminist theory, in respect of the music industry. Since, she has devised and run modules related to cultural studies and perspectives; music journalism; writing for digital; music academic theory; media and production theory; applying performance theory to reviews; how people read online; top tips for digital writing including a biography; how to write a press release; history and legacy of the alternative music press; what’s your narrative (as a creative professional); the changing role of women artists in music; moral panic and music as a device; writing, ritual, revolution – Riot Grrrl, Queer Theory, the history of DIY in music. She is an author for the F Word, writing with a feminist perspective and currently writing a book.

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