Rasha Shaheen - Tutor - ACM Music College

Rasha Shaheen

23 Nov 2017


Songwriting and Performance Science

Rasha Shaheen is an integrated performance scientist, songwriter, producer, educator & events curator. She brings her unique experience of positive psychology, creativity and performance to empower all to authentically find their creative voices.

She is currently studying for a Masters in Performance Science at the Royal College of Music. She has a Masters of Music in Songwriting as well as a PGCE and a BA Hons in Creative Music Technology. She has a musical project under the guise ‘∑nnth’ which is in the process of creating an album. Performing sounds from post-punk, to no-wave psyche to art-pop. She has performed internationally since 1997.

Rasha is incredibly multi-talented, and this is reflected in the variety of modules she teaches at ACM Guildford and ACM London, including Music Industry Studies, Audio Culture, Music Information Technology, Cultural Perspectives, Consumer Psychology, and Education and Training. She also works as part of the Artist Development & Creative Output (ADCO) team here, supporting the next generation of the music industry.

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