Professor Stretch

06 Feb 2012


Production Tutor

» Career Credits: All Saints, Gabrielle, Sugababes, Lightning Seeds and Eric Clapton.

Prof Stretch isn’t just an audio production tutor at ACM, but has been producing high quality dance music for the past 12 years. Stretch has worked with All Saints, Gabrielle, Sugababes, Lightning Seeds, and Eric Clapton to name a few.

He remixed ‘Feel The Sunshine’ by Alex Reece, which is one of only a handful of D&B tunes to break into the Top 20. Stretch has achieved notable critical acclaim for his project, ‘The Underwolves’ and having recently completed the 2nd Underwolves album, he has been on a successful tour of the U.K. His latest remixing duties have included Deepest Blue (Ministry of Sound) and Jill Scott (Epic).

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