Mark Smithers

19 Dec 2016

Production Tutor / Programme Manager, HE L4-6

Having worked as a DJ / producer for many years, Mark has performed at some of the largest festivals in the UK. With particular interests in experimental electronic music, he has a comprehensive understanding of music production, including unconventional ways of producing sounds. On top of this, Mark has over 11 years of experience managing Higher Education provision in Music Technology / Music Production and has written several degree courses. Mark also formed part of a team which wrote the Level 3 UAL Music qualification which is currently taught in many colleges throughout the country, including ACM. He has extensive experience of designing innovative curriculums, such as running degrees through a record label model and a successful events management company.

Mark has a strong academic background and is currently undertaking his PhD, where he’s developing Artificial Intelligence systems which learn the relationships between movement and sound. Possible commercial implications of this research could include club turntables with built-in cameras which analyse the movement of people dancing with a system that then recommends music based on how people move.

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