Mark Brocklesby

26 Oct 2017


Production Tutor

» Career Credits: James Walsh, Yousef, Red Snapper, Jenny Bae, Phil Franz Jones, Teyr, Gwilym Simcock, Ciaron Bell, Stephen Walters, Alfie Allen, Mosi Conde, RLPO, Ian McNabb, Science of The Lamps, Western Promise, Neil Campbell, Sarah Gabriel, Rumjig, Loz Garratt, Red Union Films, Sense of Sound, Lime Pictures, Mocha TV… amongst others.
Mark (Brocka) Brocklesby is a recording and mix engineer with various credits in music and film post production.
He started off as a drummer over 25 years ago, and after gigging and recording with a few different bands he moved into creating his own music via sequencing hardware samplers, drum machines and synths.
Over many years working on location and in a variety of studios with numerous bands, choirs, ensembles, orchestras and artists he has honed his skills as a Engineer and Record Producer.
After his time working in Binarycell, a post production studio in Liverpool, Mark moved to London to study and gain an MA in Record Production. This gave him time to further his interest, research and practice into utilising specialist microphone arrays for the capture and reproduction of spatial audio.
He currently co-owns and manages Big Smoke Studios in London, a development and tracking facility where he continues to record and mix a wide variety of musical genres, whilst also undertaking further research and practice into using experimental recording techniques to capture and mix immersive audio.

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