28 Feb 2012


There are over 60 + tutors available across ACM that you can book a tutorial with. You can book time with a tutor from any campus to gain expertise and help whilst you study.

How to book:

1. On my.acm.ac.uk, click on the tutorials tab on the home page.

2. Select which campus you are at/where you want to book the tutorial.

3. Select the tutor’s pathway.

4. Select the tutor you wish to book with and select one of the available slots for when you want the tutorial.

5. Add a comment on what you would like to cover in the tutorial.

6. Confirm the booking.

How to see how many tutorials you have left?

On my.acm.ac.uk, click on the profile tab on the home page.

‘Total tutorial credits available’ will present how many credits currently available in your account to book tutorials.

These credits refresh each week and you are given 4 credits each week when they refresh.

What to do if you have run out of credits?

If you have ran out of tutorial credits, you can email studentsupport@acm.ac.uk and they will be able to add more to your account.

If you are using the tutorial system correctly, they will have no issues adding credits to your account.

If you don’t have credits because you keeping booking and missing them, your tutorial allowance will be deducted and you will need to speak to student support to get them back.

Additional information:

Tutor’s time slots refresh each week. Their times are often the same so if you miss the tutorial, make sure you are looking to book a week in advance.

Some tutors aren’t on the tutorial system so some will be happy to organise separate meetings.

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