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Top Tracks Of The Week Featuring Chloe Diana, Sophie Winter and More

07 Jun 2019

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked to end your week on a high. Discover more on our This Is ACM playlist!

Chloe Diana – Grieving Over The Living

Although the title might suggest a little morbidness, the track itself is anything but. ‘Grieving Over The Living’ is a festival stage-sized anthem that ties poignant lyrics against a glorious, headstrong melody. As Chloe sings her lyrics in a way that sounds youthful and light, the lyrical content feels much older than the voice that accompanies it. Fitted with a backing choir, this song is larger than life and destined to be performed to larger crowds. Place that finger over the repeat button, as we’re sure it’ll remain there for the rest of the weekend.

Sophie Winter – Fist Fight

Everyone has their own story – maybe your housemate has stolen the last drop of milk (again) and left last night’s dinner to your newly adopted family of house flies, or, you have something a little deeper going on. Either way, anger is something that affects us all – stick on Sophie Winter’s ‘Fist Fight’, and your frustrations will be replaced with this uplifting melody that’ll set your troubles aside for a greater cause: positivity. Featuring peaceful sounds, stylish synth and powerful lyrics, this is a track that will leave you feeling elated and ready to take the coming weekend head on. Why not give her a follow on her instagram here too?

Celine & The Blue – Just You

Classy, luxurious and refined, Celine & The Blue’s number ‘Just You’ is a colourful creation that depicts the excitement between two new lovers. With Celine’s backing band embellishing her vocals perfectly, coupled with an energetic feel and striking instrumentation, we simply can’t get enough of this sophisticated track. Play this track to your friends, and we can promise it won’t be just you humming those two words for the following next few days. Listen below and check out their instagram here.


Jack Kolly ft. Alan Chan – Sunshine

This is a song that does exactly what it says on the tin. As we enter the summer months, Jack Kolly ft. Alan Chan’s ‘Sunshine’ is everything we need to get the coming season into full swing. Grab a bottle of sunscreen, book your next plane ticket to somewhere toasty, and take board with this song pulsing in your ears as the air hostess offers you to browse the inflight cocktail menu. Featuring dancey synth, Alan Chan’s cheery vocals and a party feel, enhance your mood and turn up the heat with this delightful beachy tune.


Joe Gautrey – Take Me Home

Wherever you may be this Friday, be it work, university or college – this is the song to listen to on your way home to a weekend of stress-free you-time. Joe Gautrey perfectly capsulises that “Friday Feeling” with a chorus of joyous brass, a pop beat and a rhythm that’ll get you skipping on every step. Listen below and why not take this moment to check out his Instagram for further news and updates? Happy Friday!

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