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ACM vocal alumna, Mélanie René, has achieved great success as a singer and will be representing Switzerland in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Time to Shine.

The twenty-four year old singer-songwriter, originally from Mauritius, discovered her talent for music early on in life, playing piano and composing her first songs from the age of nine. Before joining ACM, Mélanie René studied singing, dancing, theatre, piano, and music theory at the Swiss music school Ateliers du Funambule in Nyon and took part in a number of high-profile performances for television at the International Festival le Cerf d’Or and on the Swiss television show Y’a pas l’feu au lac.

“Studying at ACM really helped me prepared for a career in music. With helpful teachers from within this music industry I got a lot of tips and advice. I also managed to build a repertoire through the 2 years I’ve spent there, created a band and started gigging in pubs. It helped me develop my songwriting skills as well as building my confidence. Through this school I’ve met amazing musicians too! I also learnt about the business side of music, which is precious information for a debuting artist like myself! I feel like ACM gave me the right tools to start building my career.”
Mélanie René

Mélanie René moved to the UK in 2010 to study music at ACM, learning to perfect her stage presence, knowledge of theory, and the vocal technique that would allow her to progress to the next level as a performer and songwriter. Her experiences and studies have no doubt put her in good stead as she now enters the Eurovision to represent Switzerland, performing her own music on an international stage.

“I am very excited and looking forward to perform on the Eurovision stage on the 21st of May! It feels both like an achievement after spending years studying music, and the beginning of my musical journey. I feel very blessed and humbled to have been given this opportunity, so I want to thank every single person that made this possible. Don’t forget to tune in on 21st May and vote for Switzerland to make it to the final!”
Mélanie René

ACM would like to thank Mélanie René for taking her time out her busy schedule preparing for Vienna. Keep up to date with Mélanie via her Website, and by following her on Twitter & Instagram utilising #TimeToShine15.