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ACM were pleased to welcome the tHUNder Duo, Gabor Dornyei (drums) and Kornel Horvath (percussion), who delivered a drum masterclass session on Tuesday 8th October The session took place in ACM’s Rodboro Building in Room 14 from 4pm

More about tHUNder Duo
From haunting moments of silence to sudden onslaughts of raging rhythmic roar, the combined energy and technique of tHUNder Duo translates into waves of funky grooves, wild solos, and odd times that elevate listeners into a space where drums and percussion rule the world. This is tHUNder Duo – master percussionist Kornel Horvath and rising-star drummer Gabor Dornyei – speaking, screaming, crying, living and dying through their playing.

tHUNder Duo is a unique experience that combines diverse worlds of influence and directions of rhythmic pursuit, with Kornel and Gabor reinventing traditional styles from around the world as they seek out exciting new rhythms and grooves. At times the Duo stretches dangerously into the unknown. Then, with a stroke of brilliance, everything pulls together and the search is on for yet another head-spinning clave or funkily displaced groove.

This sensational duo is all about music with meaning. Yes, it rages, it roars, and it pulses as it pulls you into a very different world, but tHUNder Duo matters most because Kornel and Gabor are devoted to excellence as well as excitement. They know the music and its meaning.

But best of all, sensational playing that moves and grooves in musical ways is what you’ll see, hear, and feel with tHUNder Duo.

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