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Since appearing of The Voice UK, Becky Hill and Kate Read have been on a rollercoaster ride that has taken them from performing in front of friends to televised performances in front of nine million BBC viewers and some of the music industry’s most prolific hit writers & producers. Now their next step could be studying at ACM.

Becky and Kate were given an exclusive private tour of ACM to view the music facilities and discuss their potential enrollment into ACM’s Performance School to study Vocals and Songwriting.

Speaking about their time spent touring ACM’s facilities, both Voice finalists seemed impressed by the culture that has built up around ACM and pastoral care to help each student develop.

“ACM seems really versatile in what they have to offer and seems as if the Academy really cares about their students welfare.”
Kate Read Finalist on The Voice UK

“When taking the next steps in my career and thinking about my future, ACM seemed like the natural step to consider to help me develop as a person, let alone a musician.”
Becky Hill Semi-Finalist on The Voice UK

Becky and Kate were in good company as following their tour the pair met up with current students, and fellow Voice finalists, Indie and Pixie for an impromptu lunch to catch up and talk about their respective experiences of studying at ACM.

“They’re (Becky & Kate) two of our really good friends from the show… they both said they want to learn more about the industry they’re going into and we just said ACM could help them this. It would also be AMAZING for them both to live in Guildford next year!!!”
India Murton Voice Finalist & ACM Student

ACM would like to thank Becky and Kate for considering ACM and hope to see them in September when the new academic year commences.