The Sylvia Massy Scholarship rewards one production student at ACM London, ACM Guildford or ACM Birmingham with support for up to 3 years of study, worth £27,000.

Producer Sylvia Massy is best known for her work with Tool, System of a Down, Skunk Anansie, Johnny Cash and Prince.

She’s received over 25 gold and platinum record awards throughout her career spanning three decades. Sylvia is also one of the world’s leading experts on audio recording equipment and technique, owning the world’s largest vintage microphone collection with museum-quality examples of over 1800 mics.

She’s an accomplished Fine Artist and Illustrator, a published Author, in-demand Educator and relentless Entrepreneur.

But to her many friends, she’s just Sylvia, the Radiant Being.

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“ACM are extremely excited and honoured to have such an inspirational world leading producer offering this prestigious award. Sylvia has been a groundbreaking unique force in the music industry for many years, not only creating masterpieces, but also paving the way for female producers in this business too.” – Ace – Director of Creative Industry Development.

1.​ To apply to ​The Sylvia Massy Scholarship programme​, you must be on a production course at either A​CM Guildford, London or Birmingham ​(this means​ locked in firm on UCAS​ and​ your ACM contract sent back!)​ .

If you’re not currently a student at ACM, fear not, simply follow the instructions on our Apply page to get your ACM journey started.

Applicants to those pathways including the ‘Level 0’ / Foundation Year precursor at ACM Guildford will also be accepted.

2.​ Next, send an email to s​​ with the subject line “Sylvia Massy Scholarship Submission from Your Name”​.

Make sure the email contains a link to a video (no more than 3 minutes in length) that tells us all about you and your relationship with your chosen profession as well as a link to your best produced track.

How To Apply:

  • Campus; ​Guildford, London & Birmingham
  • Scholarship Cost; ​Up to £27,000
  • Requirements; ​Applied via UCAS, offer letter returned, firm on UCAS
  • Course; ​Production
“We all need to support a young artist’s vision – especially when it does not align with our own. New ideas need wild fermentation. Artists need fortitude and constitution, but sometimes this needs to be nurtured. These young creators need our economic support. This is why I am backing a scholarship to this amazing program at ACM.”
– Sylvia Massy

Video Tips:
– Be sure to introduce yourself – we want to know who you are! – Explain to us all about your history in music, your interests and what your ambitions are.
-​ Tell us what winning the Scholarship would mean to you.
Keep in mind we are only able to consider one track per applicant so choose a track that best represents your technical capabilities. Please do not send us collaborative work, we want to see what Y​ OU​ can do. However, we will accept other performers participating on your track, such as in the form of a backing band.
Don’t worry about the quality of your video production (the purpose of this video is so we can analyse your skills, not filmmaking talents). Nevertheless, we do welcome videos that demonstrate the best of all your creative skills, so don’t hold back. Entries must be received by the end of X​ .​
3.​ After your email submission, entries will be shortlisted by a panel of ACM judges, before being reviewed by Slyvia Massy, where the winner will then be announced.

Entries must be received by the closing date, which is estimated to be at the end of June 2021. The exact date will be confirmed nearer the time.

From ACM and Slyvia Massey, we wish you the very best of luck.”