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The London Olympics is not just a chance for the world’s athletes to compete at the highest level, but the opportunity to showcase the rising talent from the UK. This is exactly what Jack Summerfield and a number of ACM drum students have taken up.

After fighting off competition from up to 15,000 other performance auditionees, Horsham resident Jack will perform in front of millions at this summer’s Olympic opening ceremony. Speaking about the audition process Jack explained a bit about the three week audition experience, which took place at London’s Mill Studios,

“A group of 100 to maybe 200 of us were standing there in this hall and they said: ‘Right, here’s the rhythm’ and we played on upside down buckets, which was quite entertaining.”
Jack Summerfield

Jack found out about the audition opportunity from ACM’s Business and Artist Development Team (BDC) and after another two months of waiting Jack received the good news that he’d been successful. Knowing how important this opportunity is Jack and the other successful auditionees have been been sworn to secrecy over the exact details of the opening ceremonies, but Jack remains clear about what the opportunity means,

“Half the world stops to watch the Olympics, which does make it slightly nerve-wracking, but it’s fantastic to be part of something that brings so many people together.
Jack Summerfield

ACM is very much looking forward to seeing Jack and the other ACM students making their mark this summer and wish them well.