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The Electric Theatre is a large capacity venue which ACM use for our End of Year Showcases and other events throughout the year.

The auditorium has our amazing HK line array soundsystem installed, and features HK monitors, theatre lighting rig, backstage area and tiered seating. ACM’s dedicated Electric Theatre backline includes a variety of mixing desks, outboard signal processors, an array of stage microphones, Marshall, Fender, Cornford and Aguilar amplifiers, Yamaha and Korg keyboards, drum risers and staging.

The cafe and bar in the reception area is often full with ACM students and staff, either relaxing between lectures or meeting for tutorials and discussions, and offers a great range of food and drink.

Our End Of Year Showcases, which take place at the end of the academic year, opens this facility up for students invite friends and family to see a real professional performance, which constitutes part of their final examination.

Located directly opposite our main Rodboro Building, the Electric Theatre grants our students a practical insight into the world of live performance.