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With its inspired layout, industry standard equipment and captivating design, the ACM Teaching Control Studio is the perfect environment for students on our Audio Production and CSD courses to gain experience.

This room is our main teaching studio, and allows us to demonstrate production techniques and workflows to classes of students in a practical environment. The semi-circular shape of the room with its tiered seating, and the use of repeater screens lets students really see (and hear!) what’s going on, while our hands-on approach to Audio Production and Sound Design education means you really leave with a solid understanding of how to apply the theories taught here.

The facility is based around our MTA (Malcolm Toft Audio) 32 channel mixing console, which is a classic piece of British audio engineering hardware designed in mid-1990s and lovingly maintained by our in-house team of experienced technicians. Aside from sounding great, this desk allows for the tuition of audio engineering and production practices which can be applied to almost any other studio or live environment, giving us a very versatile teaching space and making sure our students are equipped with the skills they’ll need when seeking work in the industry.

Two live rooms, divided from the control room by acoustic windows (each with its own vocal booth, backline and drum kit), are available for use with this studio, so full band recordings can take place, both as part of our timetabled lectures and for students’ own projects.

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Alongside a selection of monitoring options (Mackie HR824s, Yamaha NS10s and domestic HiFi speakers), the equipment list in here includes; Alesis HD24 multitrack HD recorder (giving an alternative to computer DAW based recording), Line6 Pod Pro, Line6 Bass Pod Pro, Lexicon MPX1, Lexicon MPX500, TC Electronics M One, TLA 5051, 5021, 5013, TC Electronics Finaliser, Digidesign ProTools, BSS, Drawmer and DBX Compression and Gating, and access to an extensive microphone collection from the likes of Neumann, AKG, Rode and Shure.