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Catherine Zita is a second year Music Business and Innovation Degree student with an aim of becoming a full time music journalist. Last week, Catherine had her comments on Suicide Silence’s new album printed in Kerrang! Magazine for the first time, thanks to the support of Amit Sharma, writer for Kerrang! and one of the tutors here at ACM.

We caught up with Catherine to find out a little more about what she’s up to at the moment and her plans for the future.

Hey Catherine! How’s ACM treating you?

This is my first year on the degree; it’s very enriching and everything I have learnt so far has really enhanced my knowledge of the music industry.

What did you get up to before ACM?

Before ACM, I was living in Mallorca where I had lived for the past ten years of my life. As well as literature, music has always been a huge part of my life. I went to a lot of gigs and festivals and I also had an internship at Mallorca Rocks for my photography. It was such a great experience – I got to take photos of some great artists such as Skrillex, Bastille, Ed Sheeran and Biffy Clyro.

Another huge part of my life is traveling. I love to explore and experience new cultures, however, music is definitely my biggest influence. Discovering new artists is so exciting and there are so many undiscovered artists out there, it’s crazy!

What led you to ACM?

Originally, my plan was to join a band and pursue a career as an artist which is why – after looking at a number of universities – I was set on ACM, as it looked like a place I would love to go. I enrolled on the Foundation Degree for vocals and completed that last year. However, I missed writing and wanted to follow my dream to write for my favourite magazines, go to festivals and interview artists. Therefore, I enrolled on the Music Business degree and here I am now.

Do you have any plans for the future?

I have a lot of goals I would like to fulfil. I’d love to travel the world when I finish ACM, and of course continue to write and get features in magazines. It’s all about finding a job that I enjoy doing. Kerrang! Magazine would actually be my number one choice.

Last week I had such an amazing opportunity when I received my first placement in Kerrang! Magazine commenting on Suicide Silence’s new self titled album. For my Non Credit Elective, I signed up to Creative Writing, which put me in contact with Kerrang! writer, Amit Sharma. I wrote a few reviews for him to promote my style of writing and he seemed to really like it which led to him asking me to write this piece for Kerrang! I am thankful for all his help, he guides me and gives great tips on how to enhance my writing.


Catherine is a member of the ACM Student News Team regularly contributing to the ACM blog and website, covering the latest news, features and releases on everything ACM.

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