This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

To honour Steve Vai’s visit to the Academy, and his contribution to music, ACM is proud to announce the introduction of an all new Guitar Studio; The Steve Vai Guitar Studio.

The all new state of the art facility, will boast a brand new Vai Legacy rig, a horde of signed Ibanez Jem Guitars, a healthy sprinkling of amps and other signed paraphernalia, courtesy of Steve himself and ACM’s good friends at Ibanez.

This marks the beginning of a strong and ever growing relationship between The Academy of Contemporary Music and Steve who is keen to nurture his guitar studio for many years to come.

“This school is phenomenal. If you decide to come here, I think you are very fortunate because being in an environment with a lot of other musicians is a wonderful thing. These may end up being the best years of your life so enjoy them!”
Steve Vai

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