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One of ACM’s dedicated guitar teaching rooms, this studio houses an array of signature endorsed guitars from artists such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and System of a Down. It also features the new range of Ibanez amplification and Laney amps.

Designed for class-based guitar tuition, this room was opened in June 2009 by Steve Vai, during his visit and masterclass at ACM. As well as the artist edition guitars which adorn the walls, this space is equipped with Yamaha drum kit, guitar and bass amplification from Laney and Ibenez, full size stage piano keyboard, HK PA system, projector screen for presentations and videos as well as ACM’s usual classroom computer station with mixing desk and rack equipment.

Take the 360˚ Interactive Tour of the Steve Vai Guitar Studio

Primarily, this facility is used for guitar teaching, but is also available for ACM students to use as rehearsal space outside of lessons.

Ibanez Guitars
Ibanez were one of the first Japanese musical instrument companies to gain a significant foothold in the Us and Europe. They are also known as being the first brand of guitar to mass produce the seven-string guitar.

Laney Amplification
Laney is one of the UK’s leading guitar and bass guitar amplifier manufacturers and has become synonymous with the classic ‘heavy metal’ sound.