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SquareOne-Guitars-HeaderACM is pleased to confirm that representatives from SquareOne Guitars (Chris and Nick) will be visiting Guildford to showcase and offer a hands-on demonstration with two prototype SquareOne basses.

About the Two prototype SquareOne Bass Guitars

Both basses have the same pickups, the same strings, and when flat, the same active circuitry, and only differ in the neck construction. One neck is maple + maple fretboard, the other is maple + ebony fretboard. This means a direct comparison between the two instruments will highlight the differences in tone inherent in the neck construction.

SquareOne Guitars will be visiting on Friday 20th June with TWO lectures kicking off at 11.00am & 13.30.

The sessions will be split into three parts and include an overview / background of SquareOne Guitars, the design evolution, the sonic hallmarks of a SquareOne Guitar followed by a hands-on session.

About Square One Guitars

A Square One bass guitar has a central aluminium frame instead of a traditional wooden body. Frame
components are machined out of solid billets of air-craft grade aluminium. As well as having increased
punch and sustain, coupling aluminium with a traditional maple neck delivers rich lows, tighter mids,
amazing clarity and sizzling presence. A Square One bass guitar uses industry-leading electronics and pickups that combine to deliver its own unique contemporary tone.

This non-ticketed session is a great opportunity to trial a brand new range of bass guitars from one of the countries most exciting musical start-ups!

For more information about SquareOne Guitars visit their website.