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Language is very complex and students can have difficulties with developing the skills required to use language effectively. A specific speech and language disorder is a disability in its own right as it affects a student’s ability to learn.

Speech and Language Disorder is characterised by difficulties with:

  • Multi-tasking eg writing notes while following spoken instructions
  • Understanding tone of voice
  • Finding the words that are needed
  • Mixing up words with similar sounds

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How can ACM Education Guidance help with Speech and Language Difficulties?

We will ensure that you get any access arrangements to which you are entitled.
Using the recommendations from your diagnostic assessment as a guide, we can offer 1:1 tutorials that help you improve your:

  • Social skills
  • Note-taking techniques
  • Use of assistive software
  • Assignment planning
  • Academic writing style
  • Organisational skills and time management

What to do next:

Drop in: to the Education Guidance Centre in Global House to speak to Fiona or Helen
Phone: 01483 501211
Email: /

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