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It’s always nice to hear from ACM students past and present, especially when it’s about a forthcoming release. Here’s what one recent reviewer had to say about Sons of Icarus’ forthcoming EP ‘You Want It All’.

“Normally I don’t review EPs because most don’t have enough meat on the bones to make it worthwhile. This is a very big exception, as it features a bunch of young up-start British hard rockers itching to give bands like Rival Sons a run for their money. Well actually that is a bit lame because Sons of Icarus sound like they come from the LA strip and Rival Sons (from LA) sound like they were part of the London scene in the 70s. Not surprisingly, this bunch of hard working young rockers have opened for Rival Sons as well as the other hard rock hope The Answer.

Despite the fact the band met at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, Surrey they have not ended up as a progressive metal band. Instead this is clever hard rock that is less Guns n Roses and more Blue Murder or Mr Big (if you ignore the ballads). They won a battle of the bands in 2010 and played both Download and Sonisphere. There is no wonder why they won with this collection of tracks.

They are certainly a band to watch in 2012. Lets hope they make it to the U.S. this year.”

Read the original feature here.

Here’s hoping that Sons of Icarus continue to make a good impression throughout 2012! Find out more about Sons of Icarus, follow them on Twitter or Facebook.