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ACM was pleased to welcome guitarist Mark Lettieri to Guildford, who delivered a guitar masterclass on Tuesday 12th March.

The masterclass took place in Demo Room 2 of ACM’s Artist Development Centre (ADC) from 4pm until 6pm.

About Mark Lettieri
Mark Lettieri is a Texas-based professional guitarist, producer and songwriter. He grew up in Northern California (Menlo Park, to be exact), and began playing guitar as a young lad. In middle school, grunge was still cool, but Lettieri and his friends thought guys like Hendrix were cooler. Thus began his obsession with the guitar (and also around this time, track and field, but music didn’t cause as many hamstring injuries). High school found him digesting everything from Van Halen to Steely Dan, and the bands he played in tried their best to get gigs at the local teen center.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has allowed Lettieri to establish himself as both a solid session musician and bandleader. Proficient in a multitude of styles, he records and performs in virtually every genre from jazz to country, hard rock to gospel and is a “first call” guitarist for multiple artists and producers, both local and national.

Always striving to create new sounds, Lettieri is involved with many Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex projects and with Snarky Puppy – a jazz-funk-dance ensemble that tours regularly throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Lettieri recently began a new rawk-n-roll studio project, the Black & Blues, with former Hidden Beach Recording national artist, Keite Young, and you can also find him playing world-class hip hop with RC & the Gritz, and far-out fusion with the Funky Knuckles.

As a producer, he often works with Team SKP, a production and songwriting ensemble lead by Grammy-nominated, Platinum-selling producer S1 (Symbolyc One), specializing in hip hop, R&B and pop.

For more information about Mark Lettieri visit his website or follow him on Facebook.

For more information about Snarky Puppy visit their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.