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All round top-bloke, chatterbox and guitar-hero Ace, from Skunk Anansie, dropped into ACM this week for a whole host of masterclasses covering performance, production and the music industry. Ace even took the time to cover some tutorials with students and impart his vast knowledge about the music business.

Ace talked at length to performance students about his experiences being in a band, sell-out tours, the ins and outs of songwriting and even asked some students up on stage to work on some riffs and talk through band dynamics.

There followed a great session in teaching control where a mix of music production and guitar students went through the processes of production from recording guitars – layering and how to get a great sound – to choosing the right equipment and even budget guidelines.

“Calling into ACM is always a rewarding and fulfilling experience. The students are receptive, intelligent and dedicated to their art. Classes are fun as well as educational, and the pupils welcoming atmosphere make any visit a pleasure.
Ace Skunk Anansie

Finally Ace guested in the Degree Business Psychology lecture that went deep into the processes of being an artist, discussing such topics as – what the ‘creative process’ is for an artist and how to reconcile creativity/art with business/industry among others.

“It’s fantastic for the students when someone of Ace’s calibre and experience is willing to come in and share his insight and knowledge with the next generation of players and artists. It’s these extra opportunities which create such a positive atmosphere and ultimately make ACM such a unique environment.”
Matt Haslett

Thanks Ace. You were, er, Ace!