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The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), is extremely proud to announce that Ace – renowned guitarist of the ‘BritRock’ group Skunk Anansie – has joined the acclaimed ACM Teaching Faculty.

“I’m thrilled and excited to be a part of ACM and Metropolis after 20 years of fruitful association with them both. Working with the highly skilled tutors and the talented students will be a pleasure and a great way to pass on my extensive Industry knowledge and experience.”
Ace, Head of Creative Industry Development

As a touring musician, Ace has lived, breathed and experienced the full extent of the music industry (including setting up his own business!) and thus will be an invaluable asset to ALL ACM students looking to carve out their career in music.

About Ace
Ace is the guitarist in UK rock phenomenon Skunk Anansie. Formed in 1994, they went on to be one of the biggest rock bands in Britain and Europe throughout the 90’s until now selling over 6 million records and doing sellout world tours. They still continue to tour and write new music with their own record label.

Ace has been playing guitar for over 30 years and has been successful in the industry for 20 of them! He has earned a reputation as being one of the top guitarists in the rock world as well as an author, teacher, session player and musical entrepreneur. He has also been producing records professionally since 2001 and has worked on records with many European bands with varied musical styles.

As a tutor Ace has taught Live Performance and A&R courses as a module leader and lead assessor. He is also a guest tutor and delivers masterclasses at various UK and European colleges and has an MA in Media and Project Management based in Music Education from London Middlesex University.

As well as all this Ace is the founder and driving force behind The Ace Guitar Academy in Europe providing courses in beginners guitar formulated connecting students with the music industry by using his own learning method.

Keep up to date with Ace by following him on his Website & Facebook. Also, make sure you keep track of Skunk Anansie via their Website, Facebook & Twitter.