Executive summaries are critical when addressing a busy, successful person whose attention or investment you are seeking. It is a scientific fact that our brains process text well over 100 times a second and also attempt – subconsciously – to read ahead by pre-empting what’s coming. Successful authors understand this very well and always introduce a plot twist or element of surprise simply to hold the reader’s interest. Throughout your career you will have to sell ‘you’ and this requires a compelling story as a backdrop to what you are seeking. If it isn’t interesting, it will not hold the attention necessary to progress the business end.. This all starts with a clear purpose which then has to be mapped to your audience. Preparation is key and assumptions are death-nails/knells to any plan or communication. You will learn how to strategize like a seasoned chess player, with scenarios planned and a map of moves ahead of the game so that you are prepared and ready to adapt without sacrificing or compromising your core purpose and impact. You will learn how to be decisive with your communication including the medium and mix of formats. The business letter may well no longer evoke an image of an ink well, quill pen and letter-headed paper, but it does have to carry the same impact as if it were. It must make an impact on the recipient and words, which can start wars and families, are all important and should not be wasted or used to demonstrate a super skill with vocabulary.