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One thing many people have a great passion for is music. However, you don’t have to limit music to your hobby. There are actually many very well paying jobs that allow a person to user their love of music to make a living. Having a music career doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. You can make it a reality. Below are six great examples of music careers.

Recording Engineer

If you love the more technical side of mixing music and working with high tech equipment, one excellent choice is to become a recording engineer. This job could land you in a recording studio working with famous rock stars during the recording process. You could also make up to $150,000 a year if successful.


One extremely well paying job that is always in demand is a DJ. Whether it is at nightclubs, parties or wedding receptions, DJs have plenty of options to make money. Making at least $300 a night as a DJ is commonplace. If you become popular, your earning potential can skyrocket to 6 or 7 figures a year.

Music Teacher

If you have a strong passion for music, one way to explore that passion is to share your knowledge with others. Becoming a music teacher at a high school, college or technical school is also a well-paying job with great benefits. One way to prepare for such a career is to obtain a master’s in music education.

Music Producer

One reason many people love music is due to the creative process used when composing music. One way to live out that dream is to become a music producer. You could very well end up working with famous artists or producing music for television or film.

Concert Promoter

Today, concerts are a bigger industry than actual music sales. In fact, revenue from concerts is growing at a significant rate. There is a lot of money to be made. One way to get your slice of the pie and rub elbows with famous artists it to become a concert promoter.

Music Director

If your thing is live performance, you don’t have to be in a touring rock band to make money from it. Instead, you could become a music director. This career could include working with symphony orchestras, directing the music for Broadway productions or directing the music for a mega church.

There are many great music careers. In fact, many of them pay up to six figures a year. Certainly investigate your career options if music is your passion.

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