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ACM were pleased to welcome singer/songwriter George Barnett to Guildford who spent the day with ACM’s Artist Development students chatting about his experiences as a solo artist in the music industry.

About George Barnett
George Barnett is a 19 year old musician and singer songwriter from Herefordshire, UK. He started making music when he was three years old and hasn’t stopped since.

His recent mix tape, The Red Tape, released Friday 13th minutes of being uploaded due to huge demand. Having already self-released two EPs and one full length album called 17 Days, George’s list of fans and followers is rapidly expanding. He has over 8 Million views on YouTube with 100 thousand plus subscribers to his channel, and it keeps growing on a daily basis. His accolades include being voted UK National Drummer of the Year, taking part in the BBC Live In Hyde Park Festival in September and having Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers actively engaging with him on Twitter due to his very successful Get Lucky cover.

George’s much anticipated and long awaited new track Animal Keeper is a powerful evocation of rhythm and vibe. Mixing the more darkly pulsating vibes of NIN with the lighter pop feel of Justin Timberlake, it creates an underground yet widely appealing sound. As with all of George’s tracks, Animal Keeper displays its clever treasures increasingly with every play; the track’s initial strength and simplicity unfold on closer listening to reveal a multi-tracked giant of a song that positively shines with a wide range of percussive sounds. It is filled with sweeping arrangements fuelled by multi-tracked harmonies which blend perfectly with the main vocal and gorgeous falsetto.

The song shows off many of George’s musical skills and talents, from writing meaningful and provocative lyrics to recording all the instruments and producing the track from start to finish.

He does everything with such passion and precision, it is clear that every single word and note have their time, place and meaning.

George and his band are currently touring the UK creating a stir on the gig circuit with their phenomenal and energetic live shows.

Animal Keeper is the leading track of an upcoming EP. It will be available to preorder Sep 27 and for sale and download everywhere from November 4.