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The focus of our vocal courses, the Shure Vocal Studio is a large, well-lit space which has been designed with careful consideration to help students hone their singing and performance skills.

One whole wall in the room is fitted with floor to ceiling mirrors, while seats are positioned around the perimeter giving an open space for students to move about freely. A full band set-up with drum kit, stage piano and range of guitar and bass amplifiers flank one side, allowing students to practice in context with a live band. This gives the extra dynamic of being a great rehearsal facility which can be booked outside lecture hours.

The space allows for multiple Shure microphones (including SM58, Beta 58A, KSM8, SM7B and KSM44) and headphones to be connected to the iMac and its studio rack, which runs the same range of recording software found in our conventional studios such as Pro ToolsLogic and Ableton Live.

Combined with ACM’s usual range of classroom technology such as a Soundcraft mixing desk, Yamaha PA and projector system, this space complements our world class teaching methods to give the next generation of vocalists the edge they need when seeking work in the industry.The inventory of Shure mics that we have available for use:

Beta 58
Beta 87a
Beta 52a
PGA drum sets

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