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Since graduating in 2011 from the ACM vocal degree, Seonaid Bowers has been making her mark on the music industry. There’s many strings to Seonaid’s bow; from teaching, setting up and leading choirs, playing key roles at community events… all culminating towards her current role on the Whitney Houston – Queen of the Night tour.

We caught up with Seonaid to chat about her career in music so far…

Tell us a bit about your background… Your previous music industry experience and why you wanted to work in this industry?
Ten years ago I moved from Zimbabwe to England and threw myself into as many music events as I could. I got offered place at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, where I developed a strong foundation in singing, dance and drama. I then moved to ACM and graduated with a B.A. Honours Degree in Professional Music Performance.

I had never considered the workings of the music industry before my degree course. I loved singing but needed to learn how to make a living from it.

SBResizeWhat have you been and currently involved with since leaving ACM?
Like many music degree graduates I sang in function bands. The range of material provides an invaluable lesson in being adaptable and the amount of gigs enabled me to quickly build up performance stamina.

I began working with the ACM Gospel Choir, surrounding myself with more experienced vocalists. Being around them reminded me of how a strong work ethic can really forward your career.

I set up three Popchoirs. I taught harmonies and led them through big community events such as the London Marathon and Sports Relief. That was a very enjoyable and fulfilling opportunity.

Nothing has ever pushed me as much as the Whitney – Queen of the Night Tour, but I’ve learned so much from it. It has been running for a few months now and receiving really good reviews. The cast and creatives are super fun to be around and the show’s a blast, so onwards and upwards!

What are your aspirations for the future?
To keep growing, learning and living my life through music.

How did your course prepare you for life in the music business world?
ACM allowed me to try out different ‘hats’ and play out different situations in a safe and creative environment. It also encouraged me to take hold of my own career choices and immerse myself in aspects of the industry I hadn’t previously considered.

The most valuable thing I’ve taken from my time at ACM is the connections. Over the past four years I have stayed in contact and worked with my fellow peers and tutors.

Do you have any advice for those looking to get in to industry?
Firstly, your instrument alone is not going to take you places; you have to be personable and professional. Secondly, take yourself out of your comfort zone because that’s where the fun is. Don’t be scared of failure, you may surprise yourself.

ACM would like to thank Seonaid for taking the time out of her busy schedule to sit down with ACM. Keep up to date with everything Seonaid is up to via her Website, and on Twitter & Instagram.