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Saturday Courses, Summer School & Boot Camp – Terms and Conditions

1. This is a legally binding contract between The Academy of Contemporary Music Ltd (for itself, its licensees, successors and assigns) (“ACM”) and the student named above (“the Student”) (or the Student’s parent or guardian if the student is under 18 on the date of this agreement) made in return for ACM accepting the Student for study on the Programme indicated (“the relevant Programme”).

2. The Total Programme Fee will be paid in full prior to the Student receiving confirmation of enrolment onto the relevant programme. Refunds are not permitted.  Changes between programmes may be permitted at the discretion of the programme manager.  Extra charges may become payable should the preferred programme be marketed at a higher price.

3. ACM may exclude the Student from its premises and the relevant Programme if he or she fails to adhere to the terms and conditions as set out in this agreement.  Students of ACM enter a professional training environment and will be expected to display a professional attitude at all times when they represent ACM, either on the premises or otherwise. At no time must a Student bring ACM’s reputation into disrepute by acting in an unprofessional or offensive manner, nor being under the influence of any drugs or alcohol or bringing acquaintances not connected to the course into the premises.

4. Students are expected to abide by ACM’s Health and Safety policies, which will be provided upon Induction.

5. The Student hereby grants ACM exclusive permission to take his or her photograph and to use such photographs, images, and name at ACM’s discretion, in ACM’s marketing, promotional, instructional, administrative or other materials, unless the student has notified ACM of their objection to this clause in writing.

6. These terms and conditions contain the whole agreement between ACM and the signatories in relation to all aspects of the relevant Programme. Any changes to these terms and conditions will only have effect if made in writing and signed by all parties. The terms and conditions supersede any previous agreements, arrangements and understandings.

7. These terms and conditions and all rights hereunder may be assigned or transferred by ACM.

8. Any rights or duties implied by the terms of the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are excluded and no third party shall be able to enforce any provisions of this contract.

9. ACM will exercise due care in arranging and conducting the Programme. However, ACM cannot assume responsibility or liability for any damage, loss, claim or injury of any kind whatsoever resulting from any act of omission, commission or inadvertence of any third party or other company or person rendering any of the services required as part of the Programme. Nor can ACM be responsible for any student who leaves the Programme (with or without ACM’s consent) or who breaks the rules and regulations and in doing so suffers loss or injury.  Parents accept full responsibility for any under 18s participating in the relevant programme, their conduct, safety and their travel to/from ACM for the purpose of participating in the programme.

10.This agreement shall be governed by English law and the parties are free to refer any dispute to any court of England or Wales.