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ACM Music Business Degree Alumna (2011) Sammi Wild spent her former years as a musician.

Having been introduced to the piano at the age of six and singing throughout secondary School and college, she joined ACM’s one year HDip (now Cert HE) Vocal Performance 2008 before taking the bold step to transfer to ACM’s Music Business School.
Since making that decision, Sammi took the initiative to complete a range of work experience positions to help build her music industry experience and knowledge. Now three years on from graduation, ACM caught up with Sammi to see what she has been up to.

Tell us about what you’ve been up to since leaving ACM?
After graduating from ACM I decided to take a year out to go travelling before I secured an internship with Chuff Media ­a London based music PR company who have worked with a host of international artists. I then spent a year working with merchandise company Bravado owned by Universal Music Group.

I’ve now just started working within the promotions department of Polydor Records, assisting with TV and radio promotions ­ it’s very interesting and varied. It’s also quite busy at the moment so the ideal time to get the most valuable experience.

So what’s on the horizon for 2014?
Learning the ropes within a promotions department, mainly! Hopefully getting as hands on as possible and meeting lots of interesting people. A lot of music industry skills are transferable ­ especially learning at assistant/entry level ­ and you generally get an insight into all sorts of different roles, but I think I’d eventually like to work towards being a product manager. One day!

How did your course (Music Business Degree) prepare you for life in the music business world?
We were encouraged to keep up to date with latest music news ­ and apart from making you look good in interviews and networking events ­ the industry is constantly changing and it’s SO important to be on top of it. The course was also so broad that it gave me an insight into various different aspects of the industry ­ you meet very few industry professionals who have the time to help you out and answer your questions, so ACM was great in that we had these people at our disposal!

Do you have any advice for those looking to get in to industry?

  • Network impress people

It is a lot about “who you know”, but at the same time just because you know someone who works in music, doesn’t mean they can get you a job!

  • Work for free

it’s a sad fact of our generation, but the majority of young people in the industry will have interned for at least 3 months before landing a paid job. My advice would be do it while you’re studying if possible, and do it for a whole year or more. You’re also more likely to get a more hands on experience from a smaller independent company.

  • Go to gigs and events­ lots!

What motivated you to come and study at ACM?
I knew a few people who had studied there, and I had decided if I was studying “pop” music then I was going to go somewhere with a good reputation! It was also the glittery doors and toilet seats. Not even a joke.

What was the best part about studying at ACM?
The best thing about BEING there was the friends and contacts I made. The best thing about STUDYING there was being taught by current industry professionals.

The thing about ACM is you’ll get out what you put in ­ no one is going to make you a superstar because you went to ACM, but if you utilise it in the right way then you’re laughing. The industry is too competitive, and it’s not getting any easier, so milk it while you can!

ACM would like to thank Music Business Alumna Sammi Wild for taking the time to get back in touch and update us on her music industry experiences. We wish her well for her bright future.

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