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Having started at ACM when he was just 11, Charlie Hart has come along way since the Part Time Thursday night Advanced Band Skills, ACM Band Academy, ACM Diploma and Higher Diploma Drums courses.

Joined by ACM Bass Alumni Gary Cleaver, Charlie Hart is also embarking on an adventure with a new up and coming band called Ruen Brothers.

ACM caught up with Charlie to chat about his involvement with the Ruen Brothers and his experience of working with an up and coming band.

How did you get involved with the Ruen Brothers project?
ACM’s Business and Artist Development Team (BDC) were contacted by Henry and Rupert (Ruen Brothers) about holding auditions for a drummer and bassist. I received an email from Suzi Ireland about the auditions, attended and to cut a long story short got the gig.

It sounds so simple because I got the gig, but without ACM’s BDC I wouldn’t even have known about this opportunity, so it’s an excellent back up to the courses.

Since then we’ve performed a few times at The St.James Theatre near Victoria in London, which is the first new purpose built theatre in London for many years. We then spent time in the studio with Liam Watson which really defined the the production sound of the band. The guys have really tight harmonies reminiscent of the Everly Brothers which really lent itself to the retro vibe that’s happening at the moment, and Liam really got that with the analogue kit that he has.

Describe the sound of the Ruen Brothers
The Ruen Brothers sound is like a modern take on 60’s rock and roll. Henry’s vocal is a bit Roy Orbison, which we mix down with a bit of an Arctic Monkeys backbeat!

So far the press, fans, producers and so on have been comparing us to the early Rolling Stones (who are a key influence for all of us), early Bruce Springsteen, The Black Keys, Jonny Cash, Elvis Presley – so a bit old school with a contemporary vibe.

Highlights of the project so far?
The biggest highlight for me so far has been playing in front of some big entertainment industry names at St James Theatre (London) – Sir Cameron Macintosh was spotted really dancing to ‘Aces’. Of course, the BBC Introducing mentions that led to the session at Maida Vale session and the featured artist status on Radio 1.

It’s a special moment hearing your stuff being played on national radio by people we all know!

We now have a lot of media interest, the guys have just signed with a new heavyweight management team, and with festivals, record contracts, and a trip to Texas for SWSX, you soon learn that to get on you need to stay positive, approachable and professional. You never know who is watching, and in this industry more than any other – the scruffy bloke in the corner could just be your next big backer!

Any advice to current ACM students?
So, it’s early days still, but my advice is to follow your dream; be professional and don’t miss the opportunities that people like ACM can give you. You need to work hard, nothing just happens – so push yourself, don’t be ignorant – and sometimes, dropping yourself in the deep end can be a really good place to be.

ACM would like to thank Charlie Hart for taking the time to update us on his progress with the Ruen Brothers and wish him and fellow ACM Alumni and Ruen Brothers bassist Gary Cleaver the very best of luck for the forthcoming album and festival session.

For more information about the Ruen Brothers, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Soundcloud.