10 Feb 2012

Roland Drum Studio

ACM’s second dedicated drum tuition lab, the Roland Drum Studio is our largest, and has been designed to allow us to teach the practical aspects of drums in a classroom environment.

Twenty state-of-the-art Roland V-Drum kits sit in rows across the room, while cabling snakes upwards to the industrial metal tray work. This is connected to the room’s rack equipment and allows the tutor to listen to any of teh students’ kits. backing tracks can be fed through to headphones while students’ output can be played over the HK PA system.

Take the 360˚ Interactive Tour of The Roland Drum Studio

A Yamaha Maple Custom acoustic kit, Fender, SWR and Aguilar guitar / bass amps and full size keyboard provide a proper stage backline, and have the added functionality of working as a rehearsal space too. A raised stage at the front of the room lets tutor and students see each other’s movements easily, and the built in room microphones and recording equipment means that performances can be captured at any time.

Having pushed the boundaries of what is possible with the latest in drum technology, ACM’s drum teaching studio is a ground-breaking space that has a reputation second to none.

Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of musical instruments including keyboards, synthesizers, guitar products, drums, recording equipment and audio processing devices.

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