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ACM bassist Robb Grant graduated from ACM in ’97 and spent the next few years touring the UK, and Europe extensively, with a number of bands, showcasing to major and indie labels.

Robb later went on to do sessions for producers/writers/artists such as: Nick Tauber (Thin LizzyMarillion), Chris Kimsey (The Rolling StonesINXS), Benedict Langmaid (KubbLaRoux) James Bourne (Busted), Shayne Ward (X-Factor winner), singer/songwriter Pete DuPon, Nigel of Bermondsey (ex Gay Dad) and many more.

He has also recorded in some of the worlds best studios, such as Air and Olympic, and performed on TV shows/channels including X-Factor, MTV, Nickleodeon,Koko Pop(T4)Alan Titchmarsh5-Live and loads more.

He is now playing for X-Factor winner Shayne Ward, whose new single “Gotta Be Somebody” is out now. Robb has also just struck an endorsement deal with Sandberg guitars who make high end, incredibly versatile basses. Lovely.