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Seal, Mya, Patti LaBelle, Anastacia, Fantasia, Beverly Crawford, Norman Hutchins, Stevie Wonder, Maze (ft. Frankie Beverly) and Rihanna. Chris Johnson’s drum credits are nothing short of jaw-dropping, so to be able to welcome him to ACM would have been a real honour.

However, unbeknown to ACM Chris had also invited friend and saxophonist for Stevie Wonder Ryan Kilgore AND a new friend of ACM’s, keyboardist Hannah Vasanth along for the ride!

ACM sat down with Chris and Ryan to talk about their touring experiences with Rihanna and their recent Bestival performance with Stevie Wonder.

During their visit to the ACM Guildford campus, the group toured ACM’s music facilities, sat in on a number of lectures and spent time chatting to students and sharing their experiences of performing with some of the world’s leading live music acts.

”I had so much fun (at ACM) meeting all these wonderful students. I’ll be back soon!”
Chris Johnson Drummer for Stevie Wonder

ACM would like to thank Chris Johnson, Ryan Kilgore and Hannah Vasanth for taking the time to visit and meet so many of our students.

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