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read-audioOur friends at Read Audio will be visiting ACM on Thursday 29th January 2015, to offer ALL students the chance to get hold of their very own custom moulded earplugs. These are a must have if you’re serious about your profession, and if you often work in high sound pressure level environments.

Read the official Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines for musicians and people working in entertainment.

Is there life after Tinnitus?

It comes like a thief in the night as the realisation creeps up on you. The realisation that you may never again know silence. Could tinnitus and hearing loss be a musicians worst nightmare?

The short answer is yes, but this post is going to attempt to put a more positive spin on tinnitus and hearing loss and also to quell any common misconceptions.

Read the full blog post on ‘Living with Tinnitus’ by ACM Alumnus Andrew Ford.

Protect Your Hearing as a Musician with Read Audio

Read Audio will be visiting ACM on Thursday 29th January 2015 to take moulds for each and every student. Student wishing to get a set of Read Audio Custom Moulded Earplugs will need to book a slot via the MyACM booking system.

EXCLUSIVE ACM Custom Earplug Offer

All current ACM students and Alumni will received a 20% discount on ALL Read Audio products bringing the overall price to £108 (excluding postage & packaging). ACM Alumni please email to book your slot.

About Read Audio Custom Moulded Earplugs


Read Audio earplugs are individually tuned to make sure that you get the best acoustic performance possible specific to your ear, ensuring that every one is a miniature masterpiece of precision engineering.

“If you are going on tour in a few days, or even worse if you lose / break a pair in the middle of a tour, you cannot afford to wait. With READ AUDIO, you simply don’t have to.”
Read Audio

Help Me Chose The Right Earplugs


Read Acoustic

The Read Acoustic custom earplug offers you carefully-designed protection for lower noise exposure environments. With an average protection of around 10dB, the Read Acoustic is perfect for musicians and spectators that have low but consistent exposure to noise and require a noise filter with a high level of clarity. Suitable for performers playing acoustically or alone with low amplification, the Read Acoustic gives you delicate and detailed protection.

Read Orchestral

The Read Orchestral custom earplug offers unparalleled clarity and precision for those performing in orchestras or large acoustic ensembles. With an average of 15dB protection, the Read Orchestral has a high frequency peak specifically design to protect against higher spectrum brass and percussion exposure. In addition, the Read Orchestral plug is designed specifically to reduce and release the pent up sound energy experienced in the ear from brass and woodwind instruments when playing while wearing hearing protection giving you a comfortable and natural playing experience.

Read Amplified

The Read Amplified earplug is the mainstay of all performers working in amplified environments as well as anyone that loves going to gigs on a regular basis. The Read Amplified plug offer a completely neutral response with around 17dB protection on average so you experience the sound just as intended but at safer levels. In addition to its natural response, the Read Amplified plug is vented to allow your own voice to sound more natural to you, making it the perfect plug for vocalists.

Read Extreme

The Read Extreme custom earplug offers natural-sounding protection at an average of 26dB. For those working close to the action, in the noisiest parts of events or even in extremely loud industrial environments the Read Extreme gives crisp and clear sound combined with extra-strong protection. With all the features that make the rest of the Read Audio earplug range great, the Read Extreme keeps you protected in the loudest of environments.

Find out more about Read Audio.