17 Jun 2016

Radiohead listening event in Istanbul attacked by 20 men “determined to kill”

“I don’t even know how we made it out,” says host of record shop event.

The “unique Radiohead worldwide event” taking place at record stores across the globe today (June 17) has faced tragedy, after Velvet Indeiground – a record store in Istanbul, Turkey hosting a A Moon Shaped Pool listening party – came under attack.

A YouTube video of the incident has surfaced online, which you can watch below. Reddit user identikitistheshit has written this about the clip: “I was one of the hosts. I am the person that’s speaking in that video. I am the owner of that Periscope account. They were determined to kill us. We were beaten by more than 20 men with pipes in their hands, beer bottles were broken on our heads, I don’t even know how we made it out. I will share the details later guys. Just hoping that no one will die.”

We will update when more information becomes available.

Update: According to Turkish news outlet soL, the attackers were angry over the drinking of alcohol during Ramadan.

No one was seriously injured, according to reports, but one person suffered bleeding after being hit by a bottle. The record store is asking that anyone who needs help contact them.

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