01 Aug 2016

PRS perspectives: growing online royalties


Last week PRS for Music held a members’ seminar exploring how online royalties work and what the society is doing to maximise their value.

With online music usages – and the ‘play’ data it subsequently produces – growing exponentially, it’s imperative for collecting societies like PRS for Music to meet the challenges head on.

With this in mind, the organisation brought together some of its leading online licensing and processing experts, plus executives from its joint venture ICE Services, to chat to members about the advances it’s making in this field.

We were on hand to capture the round-up comments from Tim Arber (head of membership support, PRS for Music), Oliver Tuercke (head of licensing, ICE Services), Nick Edwards (online licensing manager, PRS for Music) and David Butler (service delivery specialist, ICE Services).

For more info view our post about royalties

Watch the video here:

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