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Our PRSF Studio is a ‘project studio’ sized room with it’s own dedicated vocal booth attached.

Whilst relatively small compared to our other studios, this fully featured production facility is packed with rack gear, a digital mixing desk, Intel Apple Mac computer, outboard synths, pre-amps, compressors and more.

This popular space is ideally suited for both pre / post production, songwriting and recording vocal dubs. Since it’s not a teaching space, student can book it out to work on their projects at all times.

The equipment found in this room includes:

Intel Apple iMac Workstation, KRK Monitors, Yamaha O1V Digital Mixing Desk, Full Size Weighted Keyboard, ‘En-suite’ Vocal Booth with Tie Lines, Acoustic Treatment Panels and Bass Traps, Patchbay, TLA 5051 – Compressor / Pre-Amp, Focusrite Voicemaster Pro – Compressor / Pre-Amp, Lexicon PCM 91 – Reverb Unit, TC Electronics M-One – Multi FX Unit, Nord Lead 3 – Digital Rackmount Synth, Korg Triton R – Digital Rackmount Synth, Novation K Station – Digital Synth, Access to ACM’s range of microphones and accessories for recording.