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A dedicated space for students to use for their projects, coursework and band recordings, the Pro Control Studio offers multitrack recording and mixing.

Equipped in the same manner as our other studios with an Apple Mac workstation running Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton Live alongside a wealth of other audio production applications, this studio shares use of two live rooms with our Teaching Control Studio.

The studio has a Soundcraft Ghost LE 32 channel mixing desk, and a variety of outboard equipment including: TLAudio compressors and EQ rack modules (5051, 5021,5013), BSS compressors / gates, Alesis HD24 hard disk recorder, full patchbay and a several digital reverb / multi-fx processors.

The control room is a decent size, allowing full bands to work comfortably, and the room lends itself well to creative writing sessions as well as recording and mixing sessions. Two keyboards sit to the side of the room (one full size Roland Fantom keyboard, and a smaller Alesis Synthesiser) to help facilitate songwriting and recording performing musicians.

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Monitoring in here is handled by a punchy set of KRK main monitors and supplemented by our Yamaha HS50s, while special acoustic treatment helps to to refine your mixes accurately. As with all our studios, students have access to a wide array of microphones, accessories and additional tools for use in this room.