09 Feb 2012

Pre/Post Production Studios

ACM has three additional pre / post production facilities surrounding our main production area in the Rodboro Building.

These ‘satellite’ studios serve as a space for students to mix and master their tracks away from the main studios, as well as being great spaces for pre production preparation, songwriting or just jamming out some ideas.

Each Pre/Post Studio has a slightly different specification with regard to outboard equipment, but they all contain one or more full size keyboard, mixer, microphone pre-amps, compressors, external digital synths and sound sources, multi-fx processors, 8i/o audio interface, patchbay and an Apple Mac workstation sporting ACM’s range of production software (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live and more). Monitoring in these rooms is with nearfield KRK speakers.

Students are able to book these spaces for one to one tutorials with production and songwriting tutors, and are also able to take advantage of the facilites for use with their own projects.

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