Phil Parsons – Music Production Alumni

22 Mar 2012

phil-parsons  Former Music Production Diploma, Higher Diploma and and Degree student Phil Parsons has come a long way since joining ACM. Such was his desire to work in a recording studio, he wasted no time in communicating this to John Gallen, who very kindly gave him a helping hand.

So after speaking with John Gallen, what happened?
“As it happened one of John’s friends (Paul Stacey) was in need of an assistant. He passed my number on, I received a phone call and began working with Paul straight away. Since 2008 I’ve worked with Paul on projects for artists including The Black Crowes and Fionn Regan.”

Any highlights so far?
“Most recently I got the opportunity to work on Noel Gallagher’s solo album ‘High Flying Birds’, which recently became number 1 in the UK Album Charts.”

What else did you get up to while you studying at ACM?
“Since I left ACM I’ve had the opportunity to work with another fantastic producer/engineer called Gary Langan – we both got on really well and John even received an email from Gary explaining how much he enjoyed working with me – another definite highlight.

More recently I have been working with Emre Ramazanoglu, who runs a production company called ‘Yo Video’. Emre is incredible at the software side of things as well as being a great engineer, producer and writer. So I am currently spending my time at Emre’s studio in Queens Park honing my Pro-Tools skills in order to make me more employable as an assistant.”

Do you have any advice for any ACM students who want to work in a studio?
“My advice to any students would be to try and get some work experience as soon as possible. Learning the technical skills whilst at ACM, the way you need to conduct yourself whilst working in a studio is something that cannot be taught and you must find out for yourself and learn very quickly. You will also discover VERY quickly whether or not you are made for working in a studio due to the initial jobs you will be expected to do and the treatment you will receive.”

Our thanks to Phil for getting back in touch. He has certainly hit the ground running since his conversation with John Gallen.

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